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 Having a strong focus on Verbal Behaviour approach (VB), our team at Healis Autism is seriously dedicated to not just help your child acquire skills, but also develop mental wellness and build their character. We pride ourselves to be quick at correcting behaviours while keeping our therapy sessions fun and engaging. Read on more for a short bio of our key team members.

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Yi Zhuang holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and was trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington himself. Having clocked more than 12,000 hours of therapy sessions, she has garnered the expertise to train our team of therapist, provide consultation and assessment sessions for our clients. She believes in developing good character traits on top of coping with struggles and acquiring skills.

Clinical Director


Felicia holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and masters in counselling. She was also trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington. Felicia is also our in-house counsellor working with autistic children and their parents to provide them with the right resources to cope better. She has a strong belief in empowerment as a core aspect of teaching and counselling.

Senior ABA-VB Therapist


Karasi has 7 years’ experience as a behavioural therapist and an early intervention senior educator. She was also trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington. Armed with a certification in autism and having an older brother with autism, she is inspired to make a difference in the lives of those in the autism spectrum and has worked with a wide spectrum of clients with ASD.

Senior ABA-VB Therapist


Claudie holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, specialising in developmental and cognitive psychology. She is currently working with children with autism from ages 3-14, ranging from basic to advanced learners, verbal and non-verbal learners. A firm believer that teaching a child should not just include academic or occupational skills but also imparting family values and character building in their daily lives.

ABA-VB Therapist


Marjorie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, her specialisation is in educational psychology particularly in the area of early childhood development. She has been working with children in the autism spectrum since graduating 4 years ago. She enjoys helping young children achieve their fullest potentials and is able to easily engage and build rapport with her clients.

ABA-VB Therapist


Jermaine graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (High Merit) from SMU and has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has various past experience working with preschool and other therapy centre. She is said to work especially well with children 2-5 years old and believes in working closely with parents to impart simple and achievable behavioral management strategies.

ABA-VB Therapist


Venezia holds a diploma in early childhood and is equipped with a certificate in Autism training. She has prior experience as a behavioural therapist handling children from the age 2-6. Her personal philosophy as a therapist is to provide a safe and caring environment for every child to be in. She believes that when a child feels safe and cared for, they will blossom and grow to be someone that is confident.

ABA-VB Therapist


Winnie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SMU and has a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education. She has prior experience working with children between 3-6 years old as an early intervention teacher. She holds to her belief regarding the importance of early intervention and that every child has the potential to develop within supportive environments.

ABA-VB Therapist



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