Having a strong focus on Verbal Behaviour approach (VB), our team at Healis Autism is seriously dedicated to not just help your child acquire skills, but also develop mental wellness and build their character. We pride ourselves to be quick at correcting behaviours while keeping our therapy sessions fun and engaging. Read on more for a short bio of our key team members.

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Clinical Director

Yi Zhuang holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and was trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington himself. Having clocked more than 14,500 hours of therapy sessions, she has garnered the expertise to train our team of therapist, provide consultation and assessment sessions for our clients. She believes in developing good character traits on top of coping with struggles and acquiring skills.



Programme Supervisor

Felicia holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and Master's in counselling. She was trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington. Felicia is also our in-house counsellor working with autistic children and their parents to provide them with the right resources to cope better. She has a strong belief in empowerment as a core aspect of teaching and counselling.


Programme Supervisor

Karasi holds a graduate diploma in special education and has 9 years experience as a behavioural therapist and early intervention educator. She was trained by founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington also has a certification in autism. Having an older brother with autism, she is inspired to make a difference for those in the autism spectrum and has worked with a wide spectrum of clients with ASD.



Senior ABA-VB Therapist

Jasmine holds a degree in Psychology from James Cook University. She was trained by founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington and through working in the field of ABA-VB for several years now, she loves how this line of work can help her value-add to every child with autism. She believes that every child has the ability to achieve their fullest potential and lead meaningful lives. 


Senior ABA-VB Therapist

Venezia holds a diploma in early childhood education and is a Certified Autism Specialist (CAS). She has worked with a wide range of clients varying from 2 to 15 years old. Her personal philosophy as a therapist is to provide a safe and caring environment for every child to be in. She believes that when a child feels safe and cared for, they will blossom and grow to be someone that is confident.


Senior ABA-VB Therapist

Jermaine graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (High Merit) from SMU and has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has various experience working in preschools and other therapy centres. Her dedication to her work and clients are the reason why they love her. She works closely with parents to impart simple and achievable behavioral management strategies.

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Senior ABA-VB Therapist

Winnie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SMU and has a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education. She is known for being versatile and well-liked by clients. She holds to her belief regarding the importance of early intervention and that every child has the potential to develop within supportive environments.



Senior ABA-VB Therapist

Mabel graduated with a Bachelor's Degree specializing in Childhood Studies and Counselling. She is also a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) under BACB Board. Having 6 years of working experience with children and 4 years of ABA practice, she firmly believes that every child has the potential to excel despite behavioural or learning difficulties by providing them with strong and genuine support system.



ABA-VB Therapist

Alisha holds a degree in Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education. Having worked with children from various complex backgrounds, she strongly stands with providing quality education, adequate support, and a chance for every child to learn and succeed in life. She also wishes to erase the stigma that society holds towards individuals with autism.



ABA-VB Therapist

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UBC Vancouver, Canada. She has experience working with children with autism varying from 2 to 16 years old under direct supervision of a BCBA. She is a strong believer in words of encouragement, families as pillars of support, and perseverance that are necessary for every child despite personal struggles to reach their potential.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Geraldine graduated from NTU with a Bachelor in Linguistics & Minor in Early Childhood Education. Having worked with children with autism for 5 years, she believes every child deserves a good education. She commits to continue her professional development so she can better empower and inspire little minds & hearts. She also aspires to build a more inclusive society, one where we all belong.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Ashely graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She has experience working with children with autism from the ages 2 to 12 years old in both individual and group settings. She strives to build confidence in children by creating an encouraging and motivational environment around them so that they are able to flourish.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Jacelyn holds a B.A. in Philosophy (Hons), specialising in medical ethics from NTU. Coming from an autism-centred SPED school, she has a keen understanding of the multiple ways autism manifests in a child. She is also trained by Autism Resource Centre, attaining the Certificate in Autism (Distinction). Imparting meaning, integrity and dignity to all her clients is the cornerstone of her practice.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Sylvia graduated with a Bachelor's Degree (Hons) in Psychology from NUS. Having experiences with young children through both her work and volunteering, she strongly believes in empowering the lives of both children with autism and their families. She also wishes to raise society's awareness and understanding of children with autism and to promote an inclusive and caring society.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Cheryl is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology & Sociology at SUSS. Previously, she worked with children & youths across the autism spectrum at a SPED school. She is known for her bubbly personality & ability to build rapport with children. She believes that given the right learning environment & support, every child will have the chance to naturally flourish & grow up to be amazing individuals.

Aileen Lim.JPG


ABA-VB Therapist

Aileen holds a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Psychological Science. Having previously worked in SPED schools, she understands how uniquely ASD can present in every child. She believes that with the right methods, any child can flourish and reach their full potential. She strives to help children with autism build character and confidence in themselves.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Si Jin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Psychology). Her prior experiences in SPED School for children and youth across the autism spectrum has equipped her with extensive knowledge. With a big heart and love for children, she is well-liked by many. She aspires to help children fulfill their utmost potential and beyond, where individuals with Autism is no lesser than others.



ABA-VB Therapist

Joey holds a Degree in Psychological Science (1st class hons) & Diploma in Early Childhood Studies. She has many years experience working with children across age groups locally & overseas. Her passion is in supporting families & children with ASD, believing they can live happy, healthy lives. A holistic & person-centred approach alongside therapeutic alliance with both the family & child guides her practice.


ABA-VB Therapist

Gina holds a Degree in Psychological Science (IIA hons) & professional degree in dance education. She has dedicated the past decade working with children with developmental disabilities, equipping them with life skills through holistic & therapeutic methods. Her experience working in a SPED school strengthened her belief that each child with ASD is unique, & person-centred learning opportunities should be provided to encourage learning.


ABA-VB Therapist

Junice graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Psychology. With first-hand experience working at a SPED school, she has honed a strong passion in this field. She is aligned to providing a transformational learning journey through adapting to the unique needs of each child. She also aims to help create a stable, nurturing, and cheerful environment for children with special needs so that they will be able to learn & reach their greatest potential.