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Having a strong focus on Verbal Behaviour approach (VB), our team at Healis Autism is seriously dedicated to not just help your child acquire skills, but also develop mental wellness and build their character. We pride ourselves to be quick at correcting behaviours while keeping our therapy sessions fun and engaging. Read on more for a short bio of our key team members.

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Clinical Director

Yi Zhuang holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and was trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington himself. Having clocked more than 14,500 hours of therapy sessions, she has garnered the expertise to train our team of therapist, provide consultation and assessment sessions for our clients. She believes in developing good character traits on top of coping with struggles and acquiring skills.



Programme Supervisor

Felicia holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and Master's in counselling. She was trained by the founder of ABA-VB, Dr. James Partington. Felicia is also our in-house counsellor working with autistic children and their parents to provide them with the right resources to cope better. She has a strong belief in empowerment as a core aspect of teaching and counselling.



Consultant Psychologist

Samantha Tang has been in clinical practice for over 20 years. Previously a psychologist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, she is highly experienced in the assessment & diagnosis of developmental issues & preparing reports for placement in special education school or examination exemptions or accommodations. As a mum of 2 special needs kids herself, she is highly passionate and dedicated to serve and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients and their caregivers. 

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Hui Wen is an empathetic therapist dedicated to empowering clients to meet their emotional needs and become their authentic selves. With a Masters in Counselling from Monash University and a B.Sc. from Nanyang Technological University, she integrates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Attachment Theory, and EMDR to tailor her approach to each client. Hui Wen works with individuals across all ages facing issues such as self-worth, relationship challenges, domestic abuse, depression, and anxiety. She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and Singapore Association for Counselling, and a licensed supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia.

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Speech Therapist

Xiao Hui, a seasoned speech therapist, specializes in early language development, speech difficulties, dysphagia, and picky eating. With a degree from University College London, she gained extensive experience at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital before transitioning to Early Intervention. Now in private practice, she passionately advocates for caregiver involvement, drawing on her own experiences as a mother to enrich her approach.



ABA-VB Therapist

Anika holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and currently pursuing her post-graduation in counselling. She worked with numerous children with special needs as an EIPIC facilitator. With strong passion for children she believes that consistent guidance can help reach their development needs & milestones!



ABA-VB Therapist

Brenda graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science. Her passion & experience with children from various backgrounds is what drives her to pursue this line of work. She believes in the importance of developing a sense of autonomy, high self-efficacy & resilience in children by providing them a safe & nurturing environment to grow. As such, she aspires to create such an environment for children with ASD to help them reach their highest potential. 



ABA-VB Therapist

Carabelle has graduated from Temasek Polytechnic, and is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has gained a wide range of knowledge of through the academic modules such as child development and numerous experiences working with children with special needs. She loves to work with young children to maximize their talents and potential. She believes that every child is unique and should be given an opportunity to excel in life. “All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them” ~ Magic Johnson



ABA-VB Therapist

Fadilah holds a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Her experiences from working with children in inclusive learning environments have provided her with various opportunities to gain knowledge on diverse learning styles and effective communication techniques. With her passion for working with children, she strives to foster a supportive and empowering environment for children with unique abilities. 



ABA-VB Therapist

Guat Shin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Psychology. With her experience working with children, she believes in the importance of early intervention and the significance of seeing a child as just a child first, before regarding him or her as a child with developmental needs. She aims to make a difference to every child's life and empower them.



ABA-VB Therapist

Hayley holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Psychology from NUS. She is a patient, positive and compassionate therapist who strives to create fun and engaging sessions with her clients to reach their maximum potential in the most fulfilling ways possible. Through her various experiences working and volunteering with children with special needs, she believes that if a child can’t learn the way we teach, we must teach in the way they learn. With that, Hayley aims to empower children with autism by devoting herself to every child and journeying with them through their growth.



ABA-VB Therapist

Jia Hui holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Psychology. She found her passion in this field through various opportunities working with young children. Positive that every child can fulfill their potential with the right environment and parental support, she aspires to create a safe space - where everyone feels heard - for each child and their caregivers to learn together.



ABA-VB Therapist

Kai Sin graduated with a Bachelor's Degree (Hons) in Psychology from NTU. With experience working with children of various backgrounds and learning styles, she strives to create the best learning environment and support system for each child. She believes in making learning fun and a positive experience while guiding the child towards their fullest potential.



ABA-VB Therapist

Keisha holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and Master's in educational psychology. Through her various experiences working and volunteering with children and teens, she believes that all children are unique and there's no one size that fits all. She believes that every child has the capability to reach their potential with the right environment and support given. The process of being able to journey with the child, seeing them grow and check off various milestones would bring her life satisfaction.



ABA-VB Therapist

Mary-Anne holds a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Through her experiences of working with children of different backgrounds, she believes that the right support and environment are important factors in helping a child grow and excel. With that, she aims to work closely with children and their families to provide them with the support and encouragement needed for them to develop in their own way and reach their fullest potential. 



ABA-VB Therapist

Micole graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Hons) from NUS. After working with a diverse range of children, she developed a strong passion in this field. She understands that each child has unique needs and potential that can be nurtured. Therefore, her approach to early intervention is grounded in evidence-based practices with a child-centered perspective. Committed to creating a fun and supporting learning environment, her ultimate aim is to empower each child to thrive and lead fulfilling lives!



ABA-VB Therapist

Natasha holds a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. With over a decade of experience in working and volunteering with children with special needs, she possesses the skills to cultivate a supportive and transformative environment. From Canada to Singapore, her innovative approaches redefine ABA therapy, creating a warm and progressive experience for clients. Driven by a passion for inclusivity, she breaks down misconceptions about neurodiversity in her community. In her free time, Natasha enjoys a recreational game of volleyball and pilates.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Shariffah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Psychology from NTU. With a strong passion for working with children, she has worked and volunteered with children aged 4-14 across different settings. Her experience has given her great insights into the importance of collaboration and partnerships with families, schools, and the community in supporting children with diverse needs. She also firmly believes in creating a positive learning environment where all children can thrive with support tailored to their needs. She strives to encourage her clients to reach their full potential through meaningful engagements by continuing to incorporate their interests and strengths in their learning. 



ABA-VB Therapist

Sharon holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from NIEC (National Institute of Early Childhood Development) and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Murdoch University. Her myriad of experiences, amalgamating 7 years,  in preschool, speech and drama and MINDS has taught her that, "a child will cooperate with you as much as they connect with you". Sharon believes very strongly in the quote by scientist and author Ayesha Siddiqi, "Be the person you needed when you were younger". As such, she aims to create a warm and safe space that allows every child to be seen, heard and accepted as they are while guiding them to a point of maturation.

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ABA-VB Therapist

Tara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychological Science. She has worked with children of varying developmental stages and backgrounds and strongly advocates, for consistent and proactive support systems in order to enhance a child’s growth. She firmly believes that a nurturing environment comprising the joint effort of parents, educators and therapists can indeed go a long way in helping them reach their fullest potential.



ABA-VB Therapist

Yock Kim holds a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences degree and Master of Applied Behavioural Analysis degree, both from Monash University. She previously worked as an ABA therapist in Melbourne while pursuing her Master's degree and has experience working with neurotypical and neurodiverse children through work experiences and volunteering. She has a strong passion for working with children and loves seeing them reach new milestones. She believes that no two children are the same and that empowerment and positivity are key to supporting a child to fulfil their potential and thrive.

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