• Nellyn Ho, Parent of Brayden (7 years old, ASD)

    Brayden was not able to understand a lot of things. He was very angry and did not tell us what he wanted. After he had therapy with Teacher Zhuang he is able to understand better. Able to control his temper. He can ask for many things he want. We can see he is more happy now.

  • Fanny Dwi Indrawati, Parent of Matthew (7 years old, Autism)

    Healis is probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made ! Our little ones had gone through a lot during, before, and after Covid-19 circuit breaker. He was only talking very few words and was very hard to handle at his mainstream preschool. I was constantly worrying about him. But within months with Healis, Matthew is now a very happy child and doing well at school. Healis helped those teachers at his school to know the best way to handle him, and he is thriving.

    We are sad to leave his established environment here but as we are now moving to another country, I am confident that Matthew will continue to thrive and I am very much happy with him. I no longer feel frustrated or stressed out as a parent, because Healis had helped me to know more about my own son and connect with him like I’ve never did before. Thanks to everyone in the team !

  • Seok Hoon, Parent of Renhong (10 years old, ASD)

    My boy, Ren Hong had been diagnosed with ASD symptoms when he was 2.5 years old.We had put him through several therapy treatments, such as speech, occupational, ABA, etc., operated by private and government sectors. We could see some improvements in Ren Hong but it was slow as we were unable to have extensive hours of therapy sessions due to financial issue and limited sessions per child provided by the government.Moreover, the psychologists and therapists didn’t seem to accept our observations and feedbacks of our boy.

    We are fortunate to meet Yi Zhuang when Ren Hong was 7 years old.She is understanding and accommodating even though we can afford to have only 2hrs session per week.She is patient, compassionate and will not raise her voice when the child was difficult, naughty, cranky or having meltdown.We remembered there was one incident that my boy pulled her hairs as he had refused to attend the session.Yi Zhuang did not get angry, she just held my boy’s hand, comforted and persuaded my boy to let go of her hairs and continued with the session!

    She has a warm personality, enjoys teaching and interacting with my boy.She will adopt different methods including verbal behaviours to teach Ren Hong understanding the concept instead of memorizing. Ren Hong made good progress in his phonics, simple mathematics and basic sentence construction.

    Yi Zhuang does not see her job as just a paycheck but more of the passion, deep interest and good deed to help as many special needs child as she can.More importantly, she is a flexible and open-minded person to accept criticisms or at least try out any suggestion that we have.We are contented and grateful to have Yi Zhuang as Ren Hong’s therapist.

  •  Jou Hui, Parent of Jerald (6 years old, Autism)

    We are grateful to have met teacher Yi Zhuang who practise Verbal Behaviour of ABA. I was initially unwilling to explore ABA as I found that it may be too rigid. Jerald started off as a non-verbal child, no other childcare centre will take him other than eipic because it required additional manpower to engage him. When teacher Zhuang first met him, he was already 5yo, not toilet trained and unable to hold a pencil or imitate certain actions like handrolling or touching his nose. 


    She persevered despite his tantrums and meltdowns. With her help, in three months, he was able to tolerate a two hour session well and learn new things each time, be it following a pattern, simple puzzle, reading two words or even do coloring that comes easily to other neurotypical kids. But it took more work to get jerald to try them. It meant alot to us that he was able to copy certain actions like clapping hands. They built a rapport and teacher Zhuang was able to push him at a suitable pace to achieve more. 


    I gradually understood that my child require certain structures and routine to help him learn better. I find verbal behaviour a good balance regarding the prompting in his learning journey. With combined help from EIPIC, his private ot and a very good helper, in six months, jerald had moved to being able to prompt us to bring him to the toilet. 


    Teacher Yi Zhuang is resourceful and dedicated. For instance, Jerald is terrified of haircuts. She was willing to work with us, to first introduce him to a hair cutting app, then letting him touch an electric shaver, before moving to the sound. Next, we approached the putting on the cloth to protect his neck from itchiness, before finally embarking on the cut, from the living room to the shower area. Through minor steps, he is more accepting now. At times, our occupational therapist gets in three snips on a good day while teacher Zhuang got in a few shaves. 


    Hair cuts are a slow process, so if you see a kid with a funny bowl cut style, just smile. We get a lot of questions from people and the bus auntie that sends him to eipic about who cuts his hair. It is not easy and a constant learning process as we grow with our child in this autism journey. But we are glad to be blessed with good help and teachers along the way.

  • Pheabe, Parent of Kayler (7 years old, Mild Autism)

    Before therapy with Zhuang, Kayler was not responding when called his name and did not make any sound during play. Two years later today, he is behaving like any other child. He is able to express himself, reasons with me when he is upset, loves making friends and even has the ability to empathize with others - he hates seeing others getting hurt.

    He used to sit at a corner in class and never spoke. Zhuang suggested to shadow him in school. Gradually he got more involved and started making friends. This year during his preschool graduation, he even performed a 4.5 minute dance on stage with his peers. He is attending primary school next year and we believe he will be able to overcome any upcoming challenges with the help of Zhuang.

  • Felicia Tan, Parent of Jing Yun (4 years old, speech delay)

    My 3-year old daughter was born premature and was diagnosed with speech delay at 2 years old. She started calling “Papa” and “Mama” at 2.5 years old, spoke not more than 20 words, and could only express herself by screaming and crying. NUH CDU also referred our daughter to the Eipic centre. Naturally, my husband and I were worried about my daughter’s speech and cognitive development. 


    Upon a colleague’s recommendation, I got to know about Teacher Yi Zhuang and decided to engage her services to help my daughter’s speech and behavioral development. I am happy to say that it was a good decision. 


    Teacher Yi Zhuang was very patient with my daughter and guided her in expressing herself using simple words.  After 3 months of once-a-week therapy, my husband and I have observed that our daughter listens more to instructions and is using more words to express herself. We also noted that she has fewer meltdowns at home, which is probably a result of her being able to express hers needs verbally. 


    We would highly recommend Teacher Yi Zhuang if you have a child in a similar situation as mine.

  • Another Satisfied client, Mother of CH (11 years old, non-verbal, ASD)

    We are glad that we met Zhuang. My daughter CH was a non verbal kid with ASD. She was with Zhuang for an year and Zhuang helped her improve eye contact, imitation skills and verbal skills.


    Imitation skills are very helpful for my daughter to copy sounds from her oral motor speech therapist. Slowly my daughter is now able to copy and make sounds.

    My daughter attends OT and ST as well and Zhuang was able to make a remarkable improvement in eye contact and imitation skills.




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