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Why Choose ABA-VB for your child’s early intervention?


Applied Behavioral Analysis - Verbal Behaviour (ABA-VB or AVB) is currently the most effective form of behavioral intervention used to treat children with autism. It works well because it does not only work on a child’s speech, communication, self-help skills and academic skills; it also corrects behaviors that hinder a child’s learning performance and creates drive to learn.  The result is a self-driven child who communicates and engages in social interaction appropriately.


Some behaviors that disrupt learning:


  • “stimming” – self-stimulatory behaviors children with autism engage in to self-regulate sensory inputs. While undertanding that certain extent of “stimming” should be permitted, we teach the child other or more acceptable ways to regulate themselves.

  • “short attention span” – due to the way their brains are wired to process imformation, some struggle to finish listening or speaking a sentence. We design programs that will help increase attention span and hence boost learning performance.

  • Defiance: reluctance to follow instructions/rules. Our programs not just correct such behaviors, but also makes it rewarding to do so. The child becomes motivated to achieve social approval.

  • Lack of motivation – we motivate them by making learning a positive and reinforcing experience. Intrinsic motivation is the goal

  • Lack of social awareness – associated with lack of imitation skills. Imitation is how most of us acquire skills -  we learn by watching and copying.

Unlike a typical child, one with autism isn’t born with skills to communicate - it takes explicit training (behavioral intervention) to learn such skills. Very often, disruptive behaviors such as “stimming”, low attention span, defiance, lack of social awareness and lack of motivation are the main factors why the child isn’t  able to reach his fullest potential. While speech therapy and occupational therapy effectively tackle certain areas, behavioral intervention is still highly recommended in order to optimally benefit from any other forms of therapy.

Applied Verbal Behaviour (AVB) Therapy in session!


Being the most effective ABA provider in Asia, advocating neurodiversity and individuality. Beyond achieving normalization - helping individuals communicate, learn, and reach their fullest potential while shaping character and promoting mental wellness. 



To use the latest and most effective techniques to benefit our clients.  Our approach to therapy are holistic and dynamic to cover areas such as self-help skills, socialization, requesting, and even social etiquette.


We want to teach social concepts in ways that not just equip individuals with the basic social skills but also to become a better version of themselves each day. We aim to shape character and cultivate passions by providing therapy that is not just effective but also fun and humanistic. (Shaping character)


We understand that every child deserves the right to pursue their passions, a child with autism is of no exception (Individuality).  


Educating parents and caregivers to understand the world of autism – helps in creating a warm and accepting environment (mental wellness).


A good intervention program involves everyone to work together – therapists, family members and schools.


Results: Individuals who are able to excel in society, who are passionate, fun-loving, versatile and outstanding!

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