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Will Your Child Benefit from ABA/VB?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

A quick guide for all parents

Kayler, 6 years old, learning maths in the middle of a therapy session

What is ABA/VB?

Applied Verbal Behavior Therapy is based on the same principles as ABA and they are usually used together to achieve the best results. Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a form of treatment that corrects behaviors in order to achieve certain intervention goals

How does ABA/VB work?

It works on a simple paradigm such that behind every behavior (B), there is an intention or trigger (A), and the behavior (B) will lead to a consequence.

Here's an example:

Child is hungry >>>> cries >>>> milk

The ABA/VB therapist might correct the behavior so that the child learns to communicate appropriately:

Child is hungry >>>> "I want milk" >>>> milk

The fact that the behavior of using speech is reinforced, the child increasingly become aware of the importance and advantages of verbal communication.

Who will Benefit from ABA/VB?

1) children diagnosed with autism/ASD/Asperger's or show such symptoms

2) children with speech delays

3) children with behavior issues

Recent studies have shown that VB therapy has been effective in producing speech in young children. In addition, starting intervention early is crucial. For a child who is lagging behind in speech or other areas by the age of three, some form of intervention should be required.

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