When is the child ready for social class? (Social Class Eligibility)

A child who is ready for social class needs to possess certain prerequisites to ensure that the class is beneficial for them as well as the other children involved.

A social class is great because it provides an opportunity for your child to interact with other children, building communication and social skills which are crucial to their future. These include self introduction, sharing of toys, turn taking, learning to follow the rules of a game and even working together as a team. This is a little different from therapy which is 1-1 and interactions are only between the child and the therapist, an adult.

For an advanced learner, having the opportunity to attend a social class is especially important because they get to accustom themselves to a small group setting, where they are still able to regulate their own behaviour even though attention is not given to them directly. Hence, it is understandable that not all children are ready for social class yet!

In today’s article, we will be introducing to you the criteria for a child to be invited for social classes. A child who is ready needs to