The Importance of Pairing / Building rapport during Autism Therapy

Pairing / Rapport building is an essential step to ensure that the therapy will work with your child. A good therapist will be able to build good pairing.

In our autism therapy sessions, therapists do something we call “pairing” or “building rapport” with the child. In layman terms, that just means we are building a relationship with the child by caring, playing, and showing interest in what they do. We sometimes laugh at their antics, get annoyed by their cheekiness, or smile at their naivety or innocence. Any connection between two human beings would entail the same in varying degrees.

Essentially, such pairing is the foundation of the teacher-student relationship, and as such is a crucial aspect of therapy sessions. In fact, it is so important that pairing is done in all sessions as an ongoing process that may be difficult to distinguish from the rest of therapy.