How to deal with challenging behaviours that impedes learning in a child with autism or ASD

Learn the simple strategies from behavioural therapist on how to manage challenging behaviours from a child with Autism or ASD

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is managing difficult behaviours by their children. It could range from simple tasks such as refusal to engage in a task or throwing a full-blown tantrum. When caught in such situations, many of us could find ourselves at a loss for an effective way to respond. In the long run, such behaviours are detrimental to the child’s development and learning.

For parents who are at their wits end, some behavioural therapy techniques outlined below can provide a roadmap to a calmer and consistent way to manage challenging behaviours. In addition, it offers a chance to help children gain the developmental skills necessary to regulate their behaviours. While it may be painful when correcting behaviours, the child will be able to achieve better emotional stability and hence greater happiness in the longrun.