Crucial skills that a child with autism needs to develop

A good overview here on the crucial skills a child with autism needs to develop.

These are the list of crucial skills that are needed for the child with autism to focus on developing:

  • Requesting (Manding)

Requesting or Manding, is being able to ask for something that the child want or need. It is essential as it allows the child to have access to specific items, actions, activities and many more. Research has shown that when children learn to request, there is a decrease in inappropriate behaviour and an increase in spontaneous social communication and an initiation of social interaction. This is because children realise that requesting or manding will bring out a social effect that they want. For example, a child will receive help when he asks for help.

Requesting or manding for items/actions/activities that they really want will reinforce them to initiate a request as it is highly reinforcing for them. Additionally, requesting will expose them to different labels and eventually phrases that are essential for communicating. Likewise, a decrease in inappropriate behaviour will be observed as inappropriate behaviours such as screaming, crying etc are forms of nonverbal behaviours.