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Centre-based VS Home-based Therapy

Still thinking of which environment suits your child?

The location of treatment is a frequent concern for parents when enrolling their child in an ABA therapy programme. Parents often wonder if receiving ABA therapy at home is better than receiving it at a centre, or vice versa. They may also be worried that they do not have adequate resources at home for the therapist to teach their child.

This article will discuss the benefits of ABA therapy at home vs. centre. As each individual with autism has unique needs, Healis offers both home-based and centre-based therapy programmes to provide the unique benefits in both settings.

We must first evaluate the advantages that each choice presents. Both at-home and centre-based ABA therapy can help assist with a diverse range of concerns.

Home-Based ABA Therapy Provides:

Familiarity, Comfort, and Convenience

Home-based therapy may be appealing to families that live further away and do not prefer to travel to the centre. Transitions may be difficult and stressful for some children, therefore learning in a familiar setting can be more favourable. This also relieves parents' worries with regards to safety and transition as home-based therapy eliminates the need to leave their home, take transport to the centre, or enter a new unfamiliar environment. Behaviours can be addressed at home in a familiar environment prior to the transition. A home-based therapy programme will be able to provide the family with continuous support that is integrated into their daily schedule and routine.

Opportunities to Address Situations at Home

Our therapists will be able to help parents with difficult situations at home, such as toilet training or by providing tips that parents can implement in their daily routine. Additionally, it is helpful to have your consultant evaluate certain circumstances at home in order to create a treatment plan that will assist you in managing behaviours and guiding your child at home.

Centre-Based ABA Therapy Provides:

Social Opportunities

Centre-based therapy provides children on the spectrum greater opportunities to be engaged socially. This provides them a stronger foundation for developing social skills that are beneficial in the long-run. The social element is further enhanced by engaging in group activities that might pique one's social interests which is not possible when doing home-based therapy.

Structured Environment

Centres provides a highly organised setting that is essential in assisting children in establishing a proper foundation. This sets up a predictable environment that can encourage learning; an opportunity for your child to acquire valuable life skills. When there is a consistent and predictable routine in place, children on the autism spectrum feel safe. When habits are abruptly disrupted or there is a lack of structure, they may become overwhelmed. Inconsistency induces anxiety and frustration, which is frequently expressed in what adults perceive as challenging behaviour. As such, centres can provide a supportive environment that will facilitate a child’s learning with supervision, realising their potential more efficiently.

School Preparation and Simulation

For most children preparing to attend school, being at a centre provides opportunities for children to develop various skills, including daily routines in preparation for school. Centres specialising in teaching children on the autism spectrum often offer the resources and a greater understanding of the children required to enhance their behaviour and learning performance.

To put it briefly, home-based therapy programs assist children in gaining self-help skills in a more natural and comfortable setting whereas centre-based therapy programs help children develop their social communication skills and provide opportunities for application of skills. As discussed earlier, every child is unique and can make further progress in different environments. Depending on your child’s unique goals, the consultant can help customise a treatment plan that benefits your child.

Written by: Hanyu


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