Why Are Social Stories Important to Children with ASD?

Social stories are important to teach children with autism social norms and appropriate behaviours in different social settings

Children with autism face more challenging obstacles compared to neurotypical children when it comes to learning new skills and understanding social concepts. One of the biggest challenges for children with autism is the socializing aspect. Not only do they have difficulties with social interactions, they also have difficulties in understanding and practicing appropriate social norms and behaviours. They might be unable to pick up on social cues such as body language and social etiquettes, which results in acting inappropriately in social settings without them realizing. So, how can we effectively translate social skills to children with autism?

In today’s article, I will be shedding light onto the importance of using social stories as an effective tool to teach children with autism. Other than using it to teach social skills, there are also other uses such as teaching them concepts and skills that may not be socially related. I will also be sharing how you can utilize and maximize the potential of using social stories with children with autism effectively.