How is ABA-VB (Verbal Behaviour) different from Traditional Lovaas ABA?

Updated: May 14, 2019

Find out why ABA-VB might be the approach you want to take for your child.

Lovaas ABA and ABA-VB are both based on the theory that behavior is learned through feedback, and therefore can be shaped over time. If you happen to be wondering what’s different about ABA-VB, we hope that this article can help you understand better!

Firstly, let’s talk about how Lovaas ABA is typically conducted. ABA involves breaking a skill down into simple, easily learned parts and then reinforcing the desired behavior of the child, so that he/she is likely to repeat that action. A technique commonly used in Lovaas ABA is discrete trial training, and when a child has mastered a skill, the therapist then tries to teach the child to generalise from there.

Meanwhile, Verbal Behavior, as its name suggests, places heavy emphasis on verbal language. More specifically, it focuses on the functional use of language rather than just teaching language itself. A function also means the purpose of a label-- how learning the label of item can bene