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Challenges Parents of Children with ASD Face

As a Stressed Parent, Am I Alone?

Parents have their own struggles to face when raising a child with autism. In this article, it presents some of the common challenges that parents often must manage.

Children on the autism spectrum experience many unique challenges daily. While many understand this, it is less common for people to consider the parents of these children and the struggles they also face. The parent of a child with autism certainly does not experience the same challenges as a parent of a neurotypical child. In this article, we will highlight some of the common challenges parents of children with autism face that should not go overlooked.

Parent/Child Communication

Children with ASD can often have difficulties expressing their feelings and communicating with others. Deciphering what your child needs can be even more challenging. These communication blockages can make it more of a challenge to build a strong relationship between the parent and the child. Learning and applying the proper methods of communication is vital to both the parents and the child’s happiness. (HANDS Center For Autism, 2022)

High Levels of Stress

Being the parent of a child with autism can present many challenges. Parenting an autistic child may require even more time than full-time work, depending on where they fall on the spectrum. Parents must frequently multitask in order to remain on top of things, and those who have other responsibilities or children may feel overwhelmed by the stress of having to do so many things. Even small stresses can pile into big ones, so it can be helpful for others to do whatever they can to support them.

Stigmatisation of Their Children

One notable challenge that originates from outside the immediate family are other people’s perception of the child. Although autism is becoming more understood, some members of the public still have preconceived notions about individuals with autism. As a result, people may stigmatise and judge a child with autism unfairly. As there are many people on this planet, there are as many reactions to situations and people. Not everyone is sensitive, kind, or accepting. Negative reactions impact the child and the parents, and the effects can remain for some time. Handling ignorance about autism and their children is a struggle that many parents, unfortunately, must continue to face. (HANDS Center For Autism, 2022)

Less Time for Self-Care

Many parents of children with ASD also set aside their own wants in order to put their child's needs first. Parents do this out of love, but if they do not care for themselves as well, it can lead to problems. Children are sensitive to their parents' emotions, particularly when they are frustrated, exhausted, or burned out, and can be affected as well. Parents must remember that they are still human themselves and deserve time to rest for their health, and especially if they want to be in the best condition to take care of their children. 

Here at Healis Autism Center, we emphasise on parent education for autism and ABA therapy for children because we understand parents' pivotal role in development. We are here to support the developmental and learning progress of both you and your child. 

Written by: Hanyu


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