Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding the various behaviours of an autistic child

Being different isn't good or bad, it isn't a qualifier. It just is. What embracing neurodiversity is all about.

Have you ever wondered why people on the spectrum do certain things that you may find different? For instance, why do they avoid eye contact? Why do people with autism “stim”? Let's find out what are some of the common behaviours and the causes behind it.

Firstly, “stimming” stands for self-stimulatory behavior. If this word sounds foreign to you, it’s actually not that difficult to understand. Stimming refers to behaviors one engages in to help calm oneself down. This often occurs during an overload, and is believed to be a self-preservative response to unfamiliar environmental stimuli. We will refer to them as the “output”, in other words “venting” their feelings somewhere.